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IDFB White Paper

The IDFB white paper has already launched. And it is a comprehensive, authoritative document explaining the processes involved in making down and feather a clean, safe and humane product. The purpose of this paper is to give scientific and research--‐based credence to the benefits of down and feather.

The document provides information regarding:

• The enormity of the poultry industry, with emphasis on the fact that down and feathers are a byproduct of the food industry and would otherwise simply be a waste material that can cause damage to the environment;

• Global regions and countries from which the majority of down and feather is gathered;

• Methods by which down and feather is procured, and the legal and regulatory bodies that govern these regions;

• The identification of the few known areas of the globe where questionable methods of procurement are practiced despite being condoned by the global down and feather industry;

• Steps that the global down and feather industry has taken to assure retailers and consumers that they do not condone the inhumane treatment of ducks and geese as it pertains to procuring down and feathers;

• The sustainability of the down and feather industry.

Please download: IDFB White Paper

Down & Feather knowledge