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Invitation letter for China High Quality Down and Origins Promotion Conference

To Down Garment and Bedding Brands,

China is the largest, exporter, consumer, and producer of down and related products. China supplies over 80% of the globaltotal quantity of down. In addition, China accounts for 90% of the ducks and geese slaughtered in the world. China has bread and produced a wide variety of waterfowls species for a long time, such as Wanxi White Goose, Dongbei White Goose, Guangdong Free-caged Muscovy Duck and Sichuan Partridge Duck, many of which are famous in domestic and global markets for large down clusters and high fill power.

In order to recommend China's highest quality down material and suppliers to more brands - International Down and Feather Laboratory & Institute (IDFL), Guangzhou Fiber Product Testing and Research Institute (GTT), and China Feather and Down Industrial Association (CFDIA) will jointly hold a China High Quality Down and Origins Promotion Conference during the 23rdChina, Japan and Taiwan Region Three Party Talks in Tongcheng City, Anhui Province. During which, CFDIA will deliberately select and promote high quality China down for brands and consumers and provide consultation services on topics such as quality control, supply chain management, and high quality down origins and suppliers.

We specifically would like to extend an invitation to attend for those domestic and international garment and bedding brands that do not have raw material production, processing, or trading ability to join this meeting. Only 2 attendees in charge of down purchasing or quality control may register from each company. The organizing committee will provide accommodations after reviewing the application. Please see the attached meeting schedule. We look forward your attendance!

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Venue: Tongcheng Jinrui Gujing Hotel, Toncheng City, Anhui Province

4th September


5th September

China High Quality Down and Origins Promotion Conference

6th September


Please click to download: Application Form

Please fax or email the application form to CFDIA before 30th July, 2017:

Mr. Paul Liu, +86-18600474159    Mr. Peter Geng, +86 18611749126

Ms. Iris Xu, (Office Director) +86-13261896450

Fax: +86-10-65273201    Email: cfdia@163.com