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The Successful Hosting of the 22nd China International Down & Feather Exposition and 2016 TMALL Down & Feather Carnival


TMALL live broadcast became new highlight

The 22nd China International Down & Feather Exposition and 2016 TMALL Down & Feather Carnival was successfully held from Dec 9thto 12th, 2016 in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. This grand gathering attracted 51 enterprises to join and thousands of consumers as well as professional visitors to participate. During 4 day’s promotion, the total retail sale was 4 million RMB. Meanwhile according to the incomplete statistic from CFDIA member enterprises, down quilt sales amount from down home textile of TMALL was more than 10 million RMB, with 40% year-on-year growth. This exposition received highly recognition from both industry insiders and common consumers. 

Home Textile Department of TMALL attached great importance to the cooperation with CFDIA during this exposition and offered online live broadcast resource to 12 enterprises which attended TMALL Customer Experience Area. The first 3 hours live broadcast received 58 thousand online viewers, 22 thousand comments and 1.38 million times like.

It was worth mentioning that, a down knowledge exhibition area was also set for consumers, aiming to publicize Feather and Down Products Credit Guarantee Label and common knowledge about feather and down.

The five fifth council meeting of CFDIA

Firstly, Chairwoman Yao Xiaoman released the 2016 work report, which introduced the current problem of down industry, 2016 main works of CFDIA as well as 2017 work plan. Chairwoman Yao deeply analyzed the current problem existed in China down market.

Mr. Wilford Lieber, the CEO of IDFL, introduced the relationship between place of origin and product quality to all attendees.

Recently IDFL initiated fill power tests for down originated from different places in China. As the result, the fill power of Chinese down has been already exceeded that of foreign down.

Place of origin


Fill power of down

(IDFB standard)

Anhui, China

Duck down


Taiwan, China

Duck down


Shandong, China

Duck down


Anhui, China

Goose down








Mr. Liber also expressed that through 38 years’ working experience, the cleanliness of China down has always remained the highest level which indicated that the processing level of down has enjoyed world leading position.

During the meeting, four down and feather industry cluster areas were also given honorary names: After examination and evaluation Anxin County, Hebei Province was named “Feather and Down Town of China”, Tuochuan Town, Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province was named “Well-known Feather and Down Town of China”. After re-evaluation, Tongcheng City, Anhui Province was renamed “Well-known City of China Feather and Down Home Textile”, Taiqian County, Henan Province was renamed “Feather and Down Town of China”

2016 China Down Industry E-commerce Forum

On 8thDec, 2016 China Down Industry E-commerce Forum, which was jointly held by CFDIA and Home Textile and Decoration Department of TMALL, was successfully convened in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou.

This forum emphasized on 2 pints:

1. Publicize advantages of domestic down, meanwhile eliminate misguidance for place of origin.

2. Discuss development prospect of online down bedding market.

Chairwoman Yao summarized the achievements from this forum at last:

1. Professional brand names should have confidence on domestic down market. The key point for market expansion is to popularize down and feather knowledge and let consumers understand and recognize down beddings.

2. Professional brand names should show its characteristic to consumers and offer the best products.

3. Brand names should not merely compete on price. They should learn to adhere to quality and price.

The Web Marketing Down Products Testing

On 11th Dec, CFDIA convened press conference in Xiaoshan Hangzhou, releasing the sample test result on web down products quality. During 2016 Double 11 Shopping Festival, CFDIA had sample test on web marketing down products (including 102 garments and 102 quilts) among TMALL, JINGDONG mall and Taobao. The purpose of CFDIA having sample inspection is to clean up the online market order and maintain down industry image meanwhile protect the interest of both consumers and qualified production enterprises.