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CFDIA Sampling Inspection During 2015 Double 11 And Double 12 Shopping Festival

In order to reinforce the quality surveillance of web selling down and feather products, as well as maintain the order of on-line down products market, China Feather and Down Industrial Association (CFDIA) has initiated 2 times sampling inspection on on-line down and feather products during 2015 Double 11 and Double 12 Shopping Festival respectively. And 120 down products were involved in total. The inspection result showed that: for Double 11 Shopping Festival, 55% down garments and 5% down beddingsmet quality standard; for Double 12 Shopping Festival, 55% down garments and 10% down beddings met quality standard.

Above 2 sampling inspections aimed at domestic 3 mainstream B2C platforms: T-Mall, Taobao, and JD mall,meanwhile 40 down garments and 20 down beddings were tested respectively during Double 11and Double 12Shopping Festival. After anonymously purchased by CFDIA, All samplingproducts were sent to authoritative laboratory —— Feather and Down Testing Laboratory of Zhejiang Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, for testing. Testing standard: China Apparel Standards (GB/T 14272-2011) and China Down Quilt Standard (QB/T 1193-2012). Testing items included: Content, Analysis, Fill Power, Cleanliness, Oxygen Number, Down Content and Species (for products indicating goose down).

In recent years, because of supervision shortage, the quality of China down products has met challenge, especially for those on web market. CFDIA has always been responsible for the market surveillance on down products and market order guarantee. Since 2014, CFDIA has taken sampling inspection during Double 11 and Double 12 Shopping Festival for 2 consecutive years. The reveal and crackdown on fake and inferiors feather and down products have made great positive effect within the whole society. What’s more, the quality surveillance inspection has already become the routine work of CFDIA.

Chinese market has great majority of good quality and famous feather and down brands and manufacturers. Customers are recommended to choose and purchase garments and beddings, labeling “Feather and Down Products Credit Guarantee Label”, and enjoy the ultimate in natural warmth and comfort.