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The Feather and Down and Testing Method National Standard Revision Meeting was Convened Successfully in Lu’An City, Anhui, China

The Feather and down and testing method national standard revision meeting which attracted 41 representatives from domestic down and relevant products manufacture enterprises as well asprofessional testing laboratories to attend, was convenedsuccessfully in Anhui Million Feather Co., Ltd. on April 24th, 2015.


Hosted by Zhao Liguo, the secretarygeneral ofNational Leather Industry Standardization Technical Committee,Zheng Wujun, the deputy head of Jin’An district, Lu’An city, gave the welcome speech at the beginning of this meeting. After that, Yao Xiaoman, the chairwoman of China Feather and Down Industrial Association, and Tian Hong, the director of the department of livestock, China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce, gave their speeches respectively.


Focus on GB/T 10288-2003 “Feather and Down Testing Method” and GB/T 17685-2003”Feather and Down”, the revised drafts of these two standards received the highest attention during this meeting. Serious discussions were taken among attendees with the topic of existing problems. After receiving sufficient opinions from all representatives, vital amendments were created for the aspects of GB/T 176858 “Feather and Down Products Standard” and GB/T 10288 “Feather and Down Method Standard” as following:


Amendments for GB/T 176858 “Feather and Down Products Standard”

1.      The expression “down cluster content” would take place of the previous expression “down content”;

2.      Redefine “feather” and “down”: for any sample, down cluster content 50% would be defined as “down”; Down cluster content <50% would be defined as “feather”.

3.      The total content of down fiber and feather fiber would be reduced from 20% to 10%; Oxygen number would be reduced from 10mg/100g to 5mg/100g; Turbidity would be promoted from 450mm to 600mm; Oil and fat content would be adjusted from 1.0% to 1.2%. Meanwhile, the quantitative index of dust would be added.


Amendments for GB/T 10288 “Feather and Down Method Standard”

1.      The dust testing regulation would be added;

2.      The latest content of IDFB TESTING REGULATION and specialized Turbidity Meter would be adopted in order to eliminate the differences of testing result caused by sensory judgments and the light condition in laboratories;

3.      The pretreatment before Fill Power Testing would adopt the Steam Conditioningwhich was current widely used in the global. Meanwhile the bore diameter of mesh sieve of pretreatment box would shrink;

4.      IDFB Fill Power Meter would be enabled. What’s more, the down dropping device used by Japan Down Power Meter would be added;

5.      The advanced international practice would be adopted: The prorate distribution of unidentified feather and down would be done according to the rate of identified duck and goose. When composition analysis was done, the proportion of feather and down would beweighted;

6.      Microbes and its testing regulation would be cancelled;

7.      Specific and detailed regulations would be established for detecting instruments.


By the end of this revision, Yao Xiaoman, the chairwoman of China Feather and Down Industrial Association, concluded that this standard revision meeting reflected the determination and confidence of the fellows of China down industry to promote the down products quality. It had very important meaning for the positive development of China down industry. China Feather and Down Industrial Association would also finish the work of standard revision on the basis of this meeting as soon as possible.