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2015 International Down & Feather Bureau Annual Meeting Will Come Soon

The 61st annual meeting of International Down & Feather Bureau(IDFB)is going to be held in Marseille, France, from June 7th to 9th. As the member of IDFB President Board, China Feather and Down Industrial Association will organize China delegation to attend this grand meeting.

Founded in 1953, International Down & Feather Bureau(IDFB)is the international trade association of the down/feather industry. IDFB annual meeting provides an opportunity for worldwide major feather and down producers, suppliers, experts of testing institutions, scholars and insiders to communicate and cooperate. For so many years, IDFB has received wide acceptance and support from global down industry.

China delegation received great success in 2014 San Francisco IDFB annual meeting. As the biggest production and export country of feather and down products, there is doubt that China will participate in international market more actively and show its unique leading function.

We hope a great success of 2015 IDFB annual meeting.

About the IDFB

The IDFB is the international association of the down and feather industry (including processors of raw material and producers of down filled finished article), the down and feather trade and independent testing institutes for product fill material.

By testing the material that goes into your down and feather, the IDFB’s goal is to assure consumers that the down and feather is pure, sanitary and that it is derived as a byproduct of the food industry.