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China Feather and Down Industrial Association was founded on October 10th, 1994. It is a social community consisting of enterprises, scientific institutes, and relevant corporations. CFDIA is also a trans-regional, trans-departmental and trans-proprietorial organization, featured as a top class association under the leadership of State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. As the government functions transfer, CFDIA actively manages the relationship between producers, merchandise and end consumers through taking part of the responsibilities of the government. CFDIA plays an irreplaceable role in the feather and down industry in establishing the regulations and the handling and settling of international disputes on down trade products.

CFDIA joined the IDFB (International Down and Feather Bureau) in July 1996 and immediately became one member of its presidential board.

CFDIAobtained 4A Grade in August 2013, evaluated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

CFDIA has more than 330 members. The chairwoman is in charge of the daily work at Beijing secretary office.

CFDIA welcomes any colleague to join the association, set up connections with us, and participate in our activities. As China’s reform comes into a new era, CFDIA will try its best to promote the feather and down industry with the cooperation of friends and colleagues from all over the world.

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